Welcome to Paul Rees Business Coaching, and founder of Accolade Executive Business Coaching. International coaching with continued clients in the USA, Canada, Europe, and the UK.

Paul has over 18 years specialising in business owner and corporate team critical performance attitude, business and leadership critical thinking, and self-accountability success.


Soft Skills

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Benefits of

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  • Am I the coach for you?

  • I work with scale orientated business owners and corporate leaders who are open minded to Up-designing themselves emotionally, mentally, productively, and above all are change accountable towards their current business goals.


What do we fix and remove?


  • Business owner & leadership crisis low confidence.
  • Business leadership productive communication struggles.
  • Money blocks and business growth blocks.
  • Business leadership negative cultures.
  • Business owner negative modesty.
  • Diluted business owner and business leader gratitude recognition
  • Reduced positive conflict in leadership and staff meeting environments.
  • Diluted ideas and values-sharing practices.
  • Out-dated business leadership interpersonal sense-calculating practices.
  • Unmeasurable lost productive time.
  • Low pay-it forward return of investments practice.
  • Low functioning business leadership think tank ecosystems.
  • Low purpose – poor or none practiced core values.
  • Low lifestyle engagement.
  • Stuck sales confidence and low pricing habits.
  • Stagnated or slow business scaling.
  • Inconsistencies through people performance sales/productivity and goal met low attitudes .

What does our product look like?

Our formulas are a paper to pen designed, or heart to Paper and fully custom made to tailor the exact up-design required for our client’s interpersonal success pattern that will meet a belief-built business success outcome.

Built into the formulas are business mindset workouts and extreme accountability daily, weekly, monthly set tools and goals.

Daily tools – accountability and critical thinking adjustments

Weekly tools - common power shifters – up designing of low currency business owner and leadership habits.

Bi-weekly tools  – Transparent deep dives – Evolve and up-design your business sense calculating skills.

Your guarantee ROI

  • 50% increase in all-round business performance and leadership confidence.
  • Up to a 50% increase to allocated working hours for effective KPI’s and CTA’s.
  • A constant Individual and team value increase in-house seat value.
  • High volunteer attitude for self-development and growth mindset.
  • Strong problem solving, advanced ideas sharing culture and sense-calculating practices.
  • Huge gains in productive emotional intelligence & advanced leadership qualities.
  • Noticeable increase ability to re-cycle knowledge information.
  • Increased client and customer attraction.
  • Huge gains to profit-making culture through business attitude.



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