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Accolade Academy’s unique E.E.T.A coaching programmes are designed to help leap forward the repeated success of any corporate or small business by training individually or collectively the natural emotional intelligence that is the core of every living person’s confidence, self-worth, productive and constructive positive workday decision-making ability. Through our E.E.T.A coaching programme you will see the benefits by improved staff confidence, increased knowledge, improved maintenance and troubleshooting techniques which leads to greater job satisfaction, higher productivity and reduced costs.

Our approach to developing your emotional intelligence is specifically designed to provide you with a well-rounded, fully comprehensive, “universal” regime of decision making through a confident productive thought pattern, the key to every successful business.

We deliver training to a wide range of clients in the USA, Canada and UK ranging from the sole trader, small to medium enterprises and the large scale corporate business. We understand that all of our customers face unique challenges when training their staff and the way we conduct our courses reflects this fact.

We have a wide portfolio of programmes, which allows us to tailor our services to meet our diverse range of client’s/company’s needs. We offer individual one to one coaching, one off courses/workshops or on-going service tailor made packages designed to meet the training requirements of individual, small, medium or large organisations. Helping you to maintain your work goals and company’s long term business plan.


We take pride in the excellent customer service we offer and the support we provide to each and every customer, no matter how small or large to achieve their goals. We seek to establish valued long term relationships with all of our partners.


Just a few of Accolade's clients for your reference:

College of Charleston:  Through special invite from the respected Professor Lee Irwin, Accolade’s training and teachings were presented as part of Professor Lee Irwin’s class curriculum.

Purple Door – Rochester NY: Accolade Academy has played a key role in helping establishing and maintaining Purple Door's long term focus business plan and ongoing advisory.

TCP Real Estate – New York: Accolade Academy has been instrumental in helping devise guiding principles and maintain/ enhance our focus/ clarity as it pertains to both acquisitions and existing assets.

Onit Sports - South Wales UK: Like many businesses Onit Sport has used so many of the traditional styles of staff training available to improve skill and staffing responsibilities, and having all the skills we needed in place. We were looking for a training programme that would resonate with our staff in a way that brought equal thought of value to our business. Paul Rees professional business coaching has been instrumental in the success of Onit Sports expansion of business. Using the EETA programme within our business has increased our sale and efficiency by at least 35%. All levels of staffing have benefited from the programme in such a positive, productive way we will definitely be continuing long term with Accolade Academy. 

USA Banking: The Accolade Academy EETA program was introduced to all our leader staff back in 2001 and has been an annual program that’s fixed as part of our statuary training. The maturity and increase in emotional productivity benefited from the EETA program by our staff is substantially recognisable throughout each store since its introduction, returning a greater level of customer satisfaction and productive team work.

Adrian Bollard: Canada – Life Coaching Participant:  What a combination! Both Paul and Deb merge to intertwine their intuitive insights and sound psychological guidance to help pinpoint those hidden aspects of ourselves and shine a light on them. You get to then re-direct that focus in the direction you want to bring your life. Aspects like self-worth and self-love are wonderful skills.

In my first two months I doubled my income and created a wonderful new romance, what more could I ask for??

The EETA programme is a must for personal and career building – Adrian Bollard



UK Health Radio prees

“Paul’s Weekly radio show – Create your high performance thinking through Business Health and Emotional Wealth – The Easy Way!!

Accolade Academy Emotional Corporate Training contact details:
UK office:info@accoladeacademy.co.uk
Accolade Skype address: accoladeacademy
Accolade UK office: 0844 844 4404
Accolade UK mobile: 07403 787 454

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Accolade UK office:
Office 4
Pyle Enterprise Centre
Village Farm Road
Village Farm Ind Est
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South Wales
CF33 6BL

UK Health Radio prees

“Paul’s Weekly radio show – Create your high performance thinking through Business Health and Emotional Wealth – The Easy Way!!

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