Why a business coach

As an entrepreneur, you started off as a specialist: You had a great idea for a business, and you launched. As a newfound business owner, you’re now stuck with the job of the generalist. This can work for a while, but you’ll soon realise that you don’t have time to stay on top of all the things you need to do, or challenges too complex for your experience. You can continue to hack it, or you can get some help.

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For the executive leader you find the momentum of your team is stagnant with fewer high demand results , this is not uncommon due to the speed at which new business leadership fashions introduce. Think leaders advance as quick as technology, and if not updated loss can loos the clarity of ideas vales, and quality, many feeling they have too much experience to need coaching and feel vulnerable with the idea.

A coach will challenge you to think differently, stretching your goals. Sure, you have lofty expectations for your business, your individual goals or team goals, but to rebound your strategy off someone who’s walked this road before—pointing out pitfalls, areas you need to strengthen—this is invaluable. Someone with a unique, but proven, the wherewithal for strategy will push you harder while also keeping your approach on course.

It doesn’t matter so much where you are now, as long as you’re clear on your goals and purpose. A coach will help you address the areas of your business, leadership, and team goals that need nurturing to ensure you/they stay on track to healthy growth. Perhaps the most important factor to staying on track is having someone to be accountable to. It’s easy to let yourself off the hook. A coach can serve as an accountability partner, helping you push through the challenges to meet your goal.

Bottom line: When you run out of time in a day to “learn while doing,” or when the margin of error for learning from your mistakes or the efficiency of the leadership team is gone, you look for expert help to provide guidance and work through complex problems quickly.

Coaching and being coached is a two-way process. You get the most from it when you put the effort into the relationship. Running a business or a team can be a lonely place, and no room for personal life influences. You still must run your business and lead your teams, and you’re responsible for what happens, having a coach support system is proven to increase results, motivation, and self-worth when daily demands from high ideas and outcomes in business and life is expected.

The business environment continuously grows in complexity and at a rapid pace. Keep in mind that as your business moves through stages of growth, your key business challenges will inevitably change. Also recognise those new challenges will require changes in how you manage your business and teams. If you want to stay competitive during growth and change, don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way.

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