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Business Owner - Reset and Refine Peak Performance Formula:

Accolades Business Peak Performance Formula takes the business owner and existing business through an extreme re-set to re-establish high exposure, productive efficiency, marketing value, and marketplace existence

The re-set is a high-intensity shift and makeover of business habits, productive think quality and above all confident business-owner long-term success

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The business peak performance formula will provide you with an advanced 14 stage business toolbox that will:

1. Re-establish the direction and purpose to your business

2. Build a re-set to the business core values

3. Pin-board your existing marketplace and your extreme marketplace for stability and growth to short and long-term goals

4. Market research – Pin-board new market and new remote market opportunities

5. Prospecting and Sales – a new approach, new team, new tactics: we cover it all

6. Inspire you to recognise and project through your business your unique “edge of brilliance” to supersede all your competitors and sustain permanent growth

7. Coach a new mindset for a high-quality leader practice to your business accountability and quality call to actions

8. Primary focus on lifestyle freedom and financial independence

9. The programme will cover a high level of self-reflecting on your current business and future business-building ideas, and implement new long-term ideas with structure and confidence

10. Website overhaul - planning and content: This is always important to re-visit (outsource services can be arranged for final build and design if required)

11. Logo research and first stage design or re-design, if required (outsource services can be arranged for final build and design)

12. The direction, input, and re-design if required, to building your business content, programme, product, and/or services

13. Extreme exposure – The most important portion of your business billboard. You will learn to utilise the most fashionable tools to out-reach audiences and maximise your product and services on all social media platforms, and mailing tools 

14. Focus on your personal growth and the value of people included in your day to day, personal and business life, as well as the quality of your business networking



Economic-Ethic-Think-Accountability formula (EETA formula)

Advanced Formula Drivers and Stages

  • At the start of your business coaching programme you will receive your fingerprint-built luxury, mind mapping hard copy folder. This helps you to stay organised and accountable – designed to work through the 14 tools and last the timeline of your programme. Postage fee applicable outside of UK

Further advanced call to action folders are available to purchase individually during or after the programme has finished its term

  • When applicable and required for in-depth one to one specialist coaching during your programme timeline: Accolade’s advanced online interactive e-form software.

Purpose-built for Accolades coaching and business developing clients. Designed to measure and intensely expand the business mind, place a high-quality call to actions, and promote long term business results and goals.

This e-form software allows for constant communication and in the moment to moment coaching from your Accolade executive coach

  • Bi-weekly, one-hour, peak performance mapping sessions. Keeping you on target and motivationally healthy for the duration of the programme. All sessions are conducted via Zoom, making it convenient for your busy schedule.

Accolade is an international business and built its programmes to travel, you will experience a formula used by Accolade that brings to you the true experience of your one on one coaching up close, personal and live via our remote seminar experience. We use the most up-to-date digital interactive board technology and webinar equipment; this brings you right into the room with your coach

  • 1 reading book a month to complement, support, and strengthen your growth. Delivered to your door
  • Every 6 weeks, you will have with your coach a “deep dive” 2-hour masterplan Zoom call or face to face think tank

The perfect opportunity to dissect and re-affirm your healthy commitment and direction to your business success goals

Please note that all outsourcing services are not included in your programme monthly fee

Your invested time:

All of the above is Accolade’s proven formula for making your business a successful trading platform! While we will guarantee results, there is also the accountability of the programme recipient's efforts and drive to make the programme a success and to use all the available tools supplied through Accolades business-building formula.

Clients are accountable to meet all scheduled one to one bi-weekly remote calls. If calls are missed by the client through no fault of your Accolade coach, then the missed call will set a backlog in development and cannot be carried over unless agreed otherwise by your coach. 

Registration and admin fee £95 per person

3-month programme: x 1 person £1,350 Inc VAT

Contact for multiple, teams or large group prices 

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