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I have designed a project to study the high-profile business mind during these changing times, this six-month project is the heart of the study and will help the coaching and business world understand the next ten years of business behavior. The six months will include bi-weekly with myself, one on one intense business efficiency and mind skill business thinking as well as the studying of transparent accountability to success actions.

The six-month intense formula will focus on every layer of your business decision-making to the importance of your lifestyle freedom. This will be a full-on workout of your accountability measures and business growth attitude. This is not for the faint-hearted but the ready-minded business person.

Alongside the one-to-one coaching there will be a mastermind monthly programme with the other successful applicants of the six-month programme, split into designed groups. This is not open to anybody as we insist on the correct mindset and ego for this project to be successful and allow for a new era of mastermind masters to feed a new process of business think to our young up and coming business minds.

The first stage is to take our Harrison advanced assessment: This assessment has been purposely built for Accolade’s business development clients by our Harrison experts. This will provide us with the foundation information we require for your specific extreme soft skills development and insights into your specific business habits. Harrison’s 25 minutes smart questionnaire provides detailed measures of your specific business emotional intelligence, behavioral business patterns, behavioral competencies, development blocks, and soft-skills elite performance. This paradox technology exposes your real-time EQ strengths and business practicing weaknesses.

At the start of your business coaching programme, you will receive your fingerprint-built luxury, mind mapping hard copy work folder (available digitally if requested) This helps you to stay organised and accountable – designed to work through the coaching tools and last the timeline of your programme. Postage fee applicable outside of UK

Bi-weekly, one-hour, peak performance mapping sessions. Keeping you on target and motivationally healthy for the duration of the programme. All sessions are conducted via Zoom, making it convenient for your busy schedule.

Accolade is an international business and built its programmes to travel, you will experience a formula used by Accolade that brings to you the true experience of your one-on-one coaching up close, personal, and live via our remote seminar experience. We use the most up-to-date digital interactive board technology and webinar equipment; this brings you right into the room with your coach.

1 reading book a month to complement, support, and strengthen your growth. Delivered to your door.

Every 6 weeks, you will have with your coach a “deep dive” 2-hour masterplan Zoom call or face-to-face think tank.

The perfect opportunity to dissect and re-affirm your healthy commitment and direction to your business success goals and mastermind commitments.

If yes, then get on board and invest six months of your self-development time now. There are two types of leaders and business growers: those who are slow in making decisions and quick in changing their minds, and those who are quick in making decisions and slow in changing their minds – WHICH ARE YOU?


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