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Advanced Corporate Leadership - Reset and Refine

Peak Performance Formula

This powerful programme is designed to hit hard into repeated business practicing weaknesses, and financial drainers




It is now essential that the executive leader and teams actively promote one element that currently is the most valued currency in business culture, the practice of professional soft skills. This is now the front runner in all modern business practices and leadership influence globally

Outstanding Leadership is a necessity and practice of excellence, where soft skills are the major ingredient between an outstanding leader and a good leader. Good is not enough, experience is not the alpha and academic no longer rules the place value of the CEO, executive leadership, or employee payroll

This extreme reset and refine makeover of business habits, productive think quality and above all confident executive leadership growth will introduce the most updated mindset and influential tools to your leadership people and into the heart of the business

Soft skills are the organic profits in all your leadership influences always 

The corporate peak performance formula will provide your team with an advanced leadership toolbox that will result in:

  • High results communication
  • Advanced active listening skills – what is your active listening %
  • Dramatically increased ability to re-cycle knowledge information
  • A Developed full-range mindset in change adaptability to climate and business fashion
  • A Focused positive conflict attitude
  • An in-business high-quality think tank meeting practice
  • Huge gains in productive emotional flexibility within advanced leadership skills
  • Strong problem solving and employee growth habits
  • Create a culture for a high turnover of value increased ideas sharing
  • Adopt a high volunteer attitude to self-development and growth mindset
  • Will see at least a 25% increase in efficiency to ratio against allocated working hours and effective productivity KPI’s
  • Constant profit increase in company place/seat value
  • Increased sense calculating skills
  • Resulting in a powerful, individual and team organic power learning mind-software engine

Economic-Ethic-Think-Accountability formula (EETA formula)

Advanced Formula Drivers and Stages 

Stage 1 Micro Driver - Leadership Business Practices: At this stage, we look at the whole current Ecosystem of leadership culture and influence into the business.

By deep-diving into the following areas.

  • Individual/Leadership team communication and micro communication habits                      corporate page 1 640x276
  • Courtesy Work Ethics
  • Flexibility and efficiency practices
  • Professional and leadership Integrity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Positive Leadership Practices – KPI’s – CTA’s
  • Career Professionalism
  • Responsibility Awareness
  • Sense Calculating Skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Self-Motivated Accountability Practices
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Process improvement expertise
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • High-value call to action practices
  • Care and share communication culture
  • Leadership in-house politics
  • Leadership blame culture
  • Leadership Strength in depth
  • Leadership Well-being culture and behavior practices
  • Sales and selling behavior

Engaging in a high-quality softy skills economic culture will lay the best foundations for a high return leadership influence

Stage 2 Single Driver – Leadership Quality & Recognition

This second stage focuses on the single drivers of the business, these will be the individual or team drivers. Understand and disconnect the unhealthy reactive decision making, self-agenda motivation, blame culture to name a few, all of which are driven by low confidence performing. Removing all the business hidden procrastinating habits will set in place the perfect healthy mindset to create a power thinking leader, team, and business.

Stage 3 Team Driver -Leadership Clarity & Vision

The all-important leadership driver or in-House Driver stage unlocks this new “edge or brilliance” leadership practice. It is where corporate quality and the developed mind combine to replace doubt, disappointment, and failure. It is the foundation behind the business vision and goal. This new positive mindset and high valued practice takes corporate and team accountability to a whole new level of organisational health and productive growth.

Stage 4 Leadership Business Drivers - Accountability Values, Processes & Systems Continued success

The all-important practice of high valued accountability is often overlooked by the best of intentions, this is where the process begins. Accolades unique Leadership Business Driver stage is the master driver of the programme that productively leads the core of the business, leadership team, and individual high valued power thinking person to new levels. This mastermind pro-active accountable approach boosts culture values and makes for a sustainable Ecosystem of absolute quality of the singular and elite leadership team collective mindset.

Our Corporate Peak Performance Formula is based on one concept, to improve the quality and efficiency of all working hours for every individual


The process and schedule:

  • On the start of your Executive Coaching Programme each recipient will receive their fingerprint-built Accolade luxury mind map, oraganise and stay accountable folder – designed to last the life of the programme

Further advanced call to action folders are available to purchase individually during or after the programme has finished its term

  • Online platform for ease of interaction: Accolade’s advanced online interactive e-form software is purpose-built for Accolades coaching and business developing clients, fingerprint built for every client or group. Designed to measure and intensely expand the executive mind, place a high-quality call to actions, and promote long term business results and goals. The e-form software allows for constant communication and in the moment coaching from your Accolade executive coach.
  • Bi-weekly “re-call, mind map and project” one-hour peak performance mapping sessions, keeping your executive on target and motivationally healthy for the duration of the programme. All sessions are conducted via Zoom, making it convenient for the busy schedule. Accolade is an international business and built its programmes to travel, your executive will experience a formula used by Accolade that brings too he/she the true experience of a remote one on one coaching up close, personal and live via Accolades remote seminar experience, using the most up-to-date digital interactive board technology and webinar equipment, it will bring the recipient right into the room with your coach. Bi-Weekly video calls can be conducted individually or as group/team calls  
  • 1 reading book a month to complement, support and strengthen your “build into action” stage. Delivered via post
  • Every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on requirements and development stage or programme life, the client will have with their Accolade coach a “deep dive” 2-hour master plan to action Zoom think tank.

The perfect opportunity to dissect and re-affirm the healthy commitment and direction to their leadership and business success goals

Communication with their Accolade coach via video conference (Zoom), WhatsApp, email, and any other platform

Client invested time:

All of the above is Accolades proven formula to making your leadership individual or team a successful leadership platform, and while we can guarantee results there is also the accountability of the programme recipient efforts and drive to make the project and programme success through the direction of the coach, and the use of all the available tools supplied through Accolades leadership building formula.

All clients are accountable to meet all scheduled one to one remote calls. If calls are missed by the client through no fault of the Accolade coach, then the missed call will set a backlog in development and slower results


Registration and admin fee £50 per person 

3-month programme: x 1 person £1,375 inc VAT 

Contact for multiple, teams or large group prices

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