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Why is it Important to Have Soft Skills in Business?

Soft skills have always been important in business. it’s become clear just how much more important they have become to the changing needs of the workplace. Employees today at all levels are required to do more with less than they were even ten years ago. Many professional reports demonstrate how much of a gap exists between the soft skills the modern employee possesses and that which their employers require in the modern workplace.

Communication, the ability to pull together and to overcome difficulties, listening, and empathising suddenly became just as important as their qualifications, technical knowledge, and other such hard skills. The new situation cannot be ignored, and evidence bears out that businesses need these skills to ensure success as much as employees need them to ensure they are able to do their jobs. Even in highly technical roles such as IT, professionals with wide and deep knowledge of their subject are increasingly finding it difficult to get hired because they lack complementary soft skills.

The Challenges to Modern Businesses

Hard skills can be easily taught to most people with the right training methods. However, it’s widely recognised that soft skills are harder to learn and to teach. The reason is that over a lifetime work, habits and attitudes become ingrained. Developing new soft skills involves changing attitudes, work philosophy, and overcome personal character flaws. Arguably, it takes much more commitment, awareness of one’s own flaws, and openness to overcome a personal trait than a lack of technical knowledge.

Deloitte reported transferable soft skills are becoming so important that by 2030, around 2/3 of all job roles will require soft skill-intensive employees. It’s partly a mix of customer demand and the need for innovation and productivity. The potential rewards are limitless with the right tools and effective application.

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