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To realise your potential is to understand another’s worth

Accolades Executive Business Coaching have combined EQ and IQ in perfect balance to ensure your personal and professional growth. Executive Coaching with us ensures real results driven forward by accountability and clarity.

EQ reflects a person's capacity for empathy, trust, and productive investment into the career or accountable role. We actively assess how our clients identify, evaluate, control and express productive responses towards accountable efficiency and team transparency in the workplace - so we can get right to the heart of what drives them forward in their business and their life. Once we understand those drivers all goals without condition become achievable by applying that driver with focus and clarity.

At Accolade we focus on people, not titles, this means we can apply our unique coaching techniques to teams of any level, specialising in helping keep your top people accountable, resilient and forward thinking.

                    ECONOMIC = business practices    
                     EGO = quality and recognition
                     THINK = clarity and vision
                     ACCOUNTABILITY = values, processes & systems

Economics = Business Practices: The foundational setter to the success of your business
This is the Micro Driver Stage; this stage is where we look at the whole current eco system of your business. The culture and behaviour patterns, quality of your micro decision: KPI’s – Call to actions, priorities, quality of direction and leadership, visions and goals for the business, purpose of the business and business practices. Engaging in a high-quality economic culture will lay the best foundations for sustainability and growth.

Ego = Quality and Recognition: The recognise and remove stage
This second stage focuses on the Single Drivers of the business, these can be individual or team drivers. Removing the unhealthy reactive decision making, self-agenda motivation, blame culture and all of which are driven by low confidence performing. Removing all the business hidden procrastinating habbits will set in place the perfect healthy mind set to create a power thinking individual and leader.  

Think = Clarity and Vision: This is your business transition stage of the programme
The all-important Team Driver or in-House Driver stage is the reward to life, career and business. It is where corporate quality and the developed mind come together to replace doubt, disappointment and failure. It’s the trust behind your vision and goal. This new positive mindset and high valued practice takes corporate and team accountability to a whole new level of organizational health and productive growth.

Accountability = Values, Processes and Systems: Measurable results: This stage of the programme is where it all comes together. Solid repeated success
The all-important practice of high valued accountability is often overlooked by the best of intentions, this is where that ends. Accolades unique profit-making Business Driver stage is the master driver of the programme that productively steers the core of the business, leadership team and individual high valued power thinking person to new levels. This master mind pro-active accountable approach heightens culture values and makes for a sustainable eco system of absolute quality of the singular and elite leadership team collective mind set.

We offer individual one to one coaching, one off courses/workshops or on-going service tailor made packages designed to meet the training requirements of individual, small, medium or large organisations. Helping you to maintain your work goals and company’s long-term business plan.   
We take pride in the excellent customer service we offer and the support we provide to each and every customer, no matter how small or large to achieve their goals. We seek to establish valued long-term relationships with all of our partners.

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