Training your staff into repeated profit & success

For the employer: 
The profile of any corporate business is a living solid energy, created by the owner but owned by the employee and customer. Thus managed and directed by the more emotionally intelligent corporate experienced, and tear dropped down into the working environment, to then get complemented by the productive intelligence of the employee’s collective personal and professional actions. By recognising the importance of the mirrored productive EQ and quality of power thinking between leaders and followers in any given work place, will contribute to a continued evolvement of sustained and invaluable employee experience and work ethics within the business

For the employee:
Every second, minute and hour of your time invested into your working day must always be the productive second, minute and hour that’s deserving of your quality invested time in sustaining the company’s profitable environment. Each moment invested into your working role is the past, the now and the future of your quality of life, your children’s quality of lives and the dictator of your material happiness, life memories, and the freedom to spend money securely without worry.

The EETA four stage maximum performance programme: 
ECONOMIC = business practices
EGO = quality and recognition
THINK = clarity and vision
ACCOUNTABILITY = values and processes

The EETA programme - explained:
Your investment:
Whether individual, team, group or department you will through our unique Accolade E.E.T.A Executive Coaching Programme recognise the value of intelligent high think equality and the importance of its role to fellow employees or customers during your invested workday. Increasing the company’s speed in forward momentum and continued steps of repeated growth.

You will learn to understand the importance of embracing a “one-collective inspirational thought” format of drive within the business and how you and your work day/business can benefit from this positively. Accolade’s training will inject a new intelligent and recognised frequency of improved communication and working relationship for employer to employee and customer, whether indirectly or directly attached to the business. Which will resonate with endless value to the growth of your repeated business return.

Learning to practice and support this intelligent productive balance in your work day or business will give to you and all fellow employees a wider and more productive peripheral vision and understanding to the importance of each person’s role in supporting the invested positive return from employer to employee to customer satisfaction.
You will learn to manage, understand and professionally advance your positive and productive reactions to each negative, positive, un-motivating or motivating professional working role, employed persons or customer grievance. Creating a profitable power thought quality into action, this new intelligent action will maintain a global in house forward step momentum for the guaranteed stability of your work career and the rewarding financial clarity of your home life.
Elite EETA group programme: Collective at your business location 4 days a month x 6 months - Power Programme: 
max 6 staff/employees per programme
This powerful programme is designed to hit hard into repeated business practicing weaknesses. This collective or individual dedicated accountable asking programme will demonstrate into your business a new active thinking and doing leadership/business team, who will inject into influence into the rest of the business new strategies of high results thinking and productively profiting call to actions.

  1. The programme will also include fully interactive custom built easy access online elite e-forms. This elite e-form process makes for an in the moment collective interaction, and is unique to Accolades Executive Business Coaching. The elite e-form allows for complete progress supervision of programme participants indirectly or directly. Promoting your business philosophies to finger print accuracy via your own in-house easy managing and purpose built mentoring system, giving every programme participant the maximum opportunity to grow and improve through the minimum amount of invested time. Accolade’s executive “micro time equalizing maximum results” approach minimises and for much eliminates any extra staffing cost to time invested in the elite e-form section of the programme.                           
    Elite EETA group programme includes:
    Four full days a month in one or two-day segments (8 hour days) executive business/career coaching, multiple one on one or collective think tank groups at your business location.
  2. Full custom programme builds for collective or individual to a max of 6 staff/employees per programme. All programme interactive online e-form builds
  3. Activation and servicing of all e-forms
  4. Full executive coaching interaction with all active e-forms 5 days a week                                                                                                                              Our Elite EETA group programmes will for your staff:
  • Recognise and adopt the awareness tools to confidently recognise and eliminate the background workplace stress from all management level and increase workplace personal and social awareness for improved overall employer to employee confidence and productivity.
  • Successfully coach the none productive personality to re-establish productive responsibilities and team drive.
  • Detect and remove low productivity and fluctuations due to staffing low emotional workplace values.
  • Recognise and implement EQ company influencing skills that will reduce negative time lost through defective managerial duties during any work day.
  • Condense the importance of “objective outlook” so to decrease staff burn out and turnover.
  • Promote a better individual/team emotional high-performance work place.
  • Coach leadership level to understand and adopt an intelligent EQ infrastructure and emotional transparency that will increase the natural influencing skills necessary to guarantee productivity, that in return organically increases productivity from less emotional effort.
  • Set in place the correct long-term foundations for a leadership “High performance think tank” for individual or collective leading personnel.

Please note: All prices are listed in GBP, prices vary depending on country due to out of programme/UK fees, please contact for up to date prices relating to your country of business/practice if outside of UK

Collective 6-month Programme fee (6 persons max per programme): one advance payment £28,200 or £4,700 per month x 6 invested payments (monthly payments are paid each month in advance). All overnight international and in UK traveling expenses for up to two full consecutive days a month x two visits per month at your business location is covered by the client in full in advance.
Full Results Workshops:
One/two day - Full Results Workshops (category A) :(9.00am till 4.00pm) - full class workshop in the workplace: We will build the programme to specifically meet the productive climate needs of your business. With a built in foundational focus on productive staffing improvements and business productivity from each team that will include emotional work value being the key to improvements and guaranteed company targets
Please note: All prices are listed in GBP, prices vary depending on country due to out of programme/UK fees, please contact for up to date prices relating to your country of business/practice if outside of UK
1-2 day power thinking workshops:
1 day max 20 employees/staff = £1500
2 day max 30 employees/staff = £3000
 All of our coaching programmes are completely travel friendly. Using Skype, facetime and other video social tools we can coach in its entirety any of our programmes to individuals or groups globally.
Senior and junior staff micro programmes:
Accolade EETA in house senior and junior staff micro power programmes - there is no elite e-form journal work with the staff micro programmes
All micro Power Programmes are conducted with your international coach via live video

  • Singular one-hour power self-investment appointments for the busy but yet invested minded entrepreneur. Your high-performance think tank hour is the perfect “think, prepare and activate” filter to maintaining focus and high quality professional business wisdom to your working week -£150 GBP
  • Singular four one hour “power coaching” programme – designed to inject a quick return of confidence and return of business momentum, focusing on a singular alpha specific module and area of your business/career - £520 GBP
  • Singular eight one hour “longevity in career and profits back to business” coaching programme – designed to focus on several pre-selected areas of your business/career, and introduce a micro intense rebuild to each of the selected areas that will increase your invested value, talent, skill and above all professional work place self-worth for a greater platform to attract profiting success and continued financial growth - £1,050

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