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Elite programme: At your business location 4 days a month x 4 month - Power Programme:
Max 6 staff/employees per programme fee
This powerful programme is designed to hit hard into repeated business practicing weaknesses, and financial drainers

The EETA (emotion-ego-think-accountability) formula implants into the work culture a new business lifestyle process, that will immediately upgrade and keep increasing the peak performance and annual productive value of every executive individual, leadership team or employed persons in the business

We will activate the EETA deep dive formula into the existing business culture and core value practice. This will then give us the direction of interactive tool design that is fitting for the business to permanently build in place the peak performance culture to every ground employee, manager, leader and executive individual or team
Instant improvements:
•    Complete in-business collective accountability     
•    High value call to actions practice     
•    Elite synchronizing, organizing and running skills 
•    Care and share transparent communication culture
•    Instant removal of in-house politics
•    Removal of all blame culture

Long term improvements:
•    Fully functional all employee think tank formula for a new leader leader culture
•    The productive structure for a fully functioning and custom built in-house individual or leadership team platform for quarterly master minds, structured monthly high purpose meetings, weekly concentrated saver meetings and speed daily huddles
•    The introductory of a trusted environment for the promotion of core values practice and team mate accountability
•    A permanent employee platform for transparent ideas sharing and in-house growth opportunities
•    Overall employee loyalty improvements to a business secured future 

Financial and productive gains:
•    Employee Instant increase in productive attitude
•    Overall saving in lost time through none measurable lost hours and activities in the working day
•    Increased self-motivation, resulting in increased productivity through an improved working environment
•    Decreased sick leave and improved health and well being
•    Maximizing the businesses “edge of brilliance” over competitors to sustain growth and contract wins
•    All of the above will maximize the annual bi-product of a well-run business -The financial PROFITS 


All programme participants will receive the following tools within the four-month programme:
1.    Accolade Mind Cloud online interactive software and membership account:
Accolade’s advanced online interactive software is purpose built for the single executive or leadership business team, designed to measure and intensely expand the business mind, place in high quality call to actions, and promote long term life and business results and goals. The software allows for constant communication and in the moment to moment coaching from the Accolade executive coach. The participant will be a part of a community of like-minded people that will help keep in place the power of motivation and improved leadership qualities through the Mind Cloud software interactive tool box, and call to action sections
2.    Weekly “re-call, mind map and project” one-hour peak performance mapping sessions, keeping you on target and motivationally healthy for the duration of the four-month programme.  If you can’t make face to face no worries, Zoom calls are perfect, Accolade is an international business and built its programmes to fit travel, you will experience a formula used by Accolade that brings to you the true experience of your remote one on one coaching up close, personal and live via Accolades remote seminar experience, using the most up-to date digital interactive board technology and webinar equipment, it will bring you right into the room with your coach

3.    1 reading book a month to complement, support and strengthen your “build into action” stage
4.    On the start of your Elite Coaching Programme you will receive your finger print built Accolade luxury mind map, oraganise and stay accountable folder – designed to last the life of your four months “build into action” stage of your development.
Further advanced call to action folders are available to purchase individually during or after the programme has finished its term
5.    Every 6-8 weeks, depending on requirements and development stage you will have with your coach a “deep dive” 3-hour master plan to action Zoom or face to face think tank.
The perfect opportunity to dissect and re-affirm your healthy commitment and direction to your business success goals

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