Masters Entrepreneurial Coaching Programme

Accolades Executive Business Coaching is designed to increase all aspects of entrepreneurial professional
success into profiting increased business growth. Focusing on the bettering of “WHO" you are to better “WHAT” you are into your business growth and entrepreneurial career.

The EETA programme - explained:       


ECONOMIC = business practices
EGO = quality and recognition
THINK = clarity and vision
ACCOUNTABILITY = values and processes

Exclusive to Accolade Executive Business Coaching works by introducing a high-performance think process and a professional productive thought pattern that will return to you a gravitational growth in EQ intelligence, self-trust and a recognisable increase to process intelligent high-performance thoughts to intelligent profiting business actions.  Your ability to manage your everyday corporate, productive and personal life expectations and future aspirations will grow a new confidence. Our entrepreneurial one on one coaching dictates longevity and success to your existing entrepreneurial career and business growth, student study expectations, parenting confidence, health rehabilitation and the start-up and ongoing success of your new professional career or new business projects.

You will recognise your thought value to success ratio and replace the adopted negative triggers of old with new forward facing activated “smart triggers”; these smart triggers will increase your peripheral and core confidence as well as super charge your high performance thinking for positive profiting results.

Your EETA entrepreneurial executive coaching programme is custom designed specifically for your forward success and is purpose built. Your Personal coaching programme is pro-active, containing journal material via your elite    e-form that will account for your supplemental participation from your practical actions, motivations and aspirations within your professional career. The EETA programme is personally designed to provide you with the detailed professional direction and
instructional high value decision making necessary to supercharge your personal growth and corporate self-worth: two ingredients that are the making of success within your chosen career and business ownership.

Your first step is to meet your personal coach to discuss your personal expectations and career goals; your first one-hour consultation is free. This is our time to get to know you and your expectations, including aspirations and professional confident emotional driven targets into profits within your business and future career. We can then begin the new you by selectively building your first genetic friendly custom built fully interaction elite e-form. Your elite e-form Journal is unique to you – your professional and high thinking productive fingerprint! This personal attention to detail to your programme will deliver to you the correct internal professional build and direction for a successful positive change in your life’s expectancies as well as career targets, aspirations and the longevity of your forward focus, determining an authenticity in the now approach for true results.
Your EETA entrepreneurial coaching programme is a three, six or twelve month option programme (custom built elite e-form fully interaction journals, also live video or at location weekly think tanks with your international coach.
The custom-built programme dictates nothing less than quantified longevity for success in your entrepreneurial career and business growth. Purpose built and designed for entrepreneurs, CEO’S and the serious high-end career minded person. A programme coached and built only by Paul Rees, with over thirteen years of international executive coaching behind his format from his coaching success with many of the most successful entrepreneurs and businesses in the USA, Canada, Europe and UK. His EETA programme is all about maximizing every ounce of your talent, emotional worth, emotional intelligence, experience and above all your emotional valued corporate wealth.
Upon registering (£150 GBP registration fee per entrepreneur), you will receive a detailed questionnaire that will enable your executive coach to build your first personalised sections of your first elite e-form journal, which you will then submit upon completion.  Once submitted, your journal will be reviewed by your Accolade executive coach, who will, with you, determine your current frequency and positive balance of your professional think intelligence and your next goals, your coach will then personally design your new elite e-form journal content, focusing on your specific power productive think process to optimise the best outcome for your entrepreneurial and business advancement.

This uniquely personalised programme combined with a universal approach to repeated growth through the understanding of your own innate abilities, self-reflection, journaling, and recognition to the growth of your newly activated “smart triggers” will immediately sharpen your emotional intelligence, help to handle stress objectively, reduce the fear of failure, and improve your core confidence. Creating profits into profits and business into growth.

As well as your custom-built elite e-form journal, that will hold your entire work directive and written content for the duration of your three, six or twelve-month programme, you will have weekly one hour think tank Skype calls or one to one meetings (depending on location/country) with your executive coach. It’s an investment that will guide and influence your business quality of think for the duration of your career. (Weekly calls - programme selection A only)

All of our coaching programmes are completely travel friendly. Using Skype, facetime and other video social tools we can coach in its entirety any of our programmes to individuals or groups globally.
Your 24/7 Executive Business Coach - there for you!!
The Executive Caching Programme category selection A also includes a fully interactive custom built easy access online e-forms. This e-form process makes for an in the moment collective interaction with you and your executive coach 24/7 and is unique to Accolades Executive Business Coaching. The e-form allows for a complete up to date progress supervision indirectly or directly with your coach.

Promoting your growth and success philosophies to finger print accuracy via your own in-house easy accessible e-form managing and purpose built mentoring system. We guarantee the programme participant the maximum opportunity to grow and improve through the minimum amount of invested time. Accolade’s executive “micro time equalizing maximum results” approach minimises lag learning time in exchange for power learning minutes, results make potential!
Please note: All prices are listed in GBP, prices vary depending on country due to out of programme/UK fees, please contact for up to date prices relating to your country of business/practice if outside of UK
* Three-month custom-built intro programme:
Three monthly payments = £497                                               
Three months advance payment = £1,491
* Six-month custom-built programme:
Six monthly payments = £487
Six months advance payment = £2,922 GBP
* Twelve-month custom built intense programme:
Twelve monthly payments = £477
Twelve months advance payment = £5,724 GBP

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