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Niche you & your business above the rest: Professional Business Niching Formula

This formula will take you, your business, profile, product, and business keynote message into the high-income low maintenance client marketplace. We will help you design and build a framework for your business in just eight one-hour, bi-weekly calls.

During each one hour call we will focus on each layer to perfecting you, your business and product. This is done through skilling your business to fit your innate and intuitive power skills, along with your influencing life and business values. By layering your experience, logic, emotional intelligence, client influencing skills and your advanced business sense calculating skills into a one-of-a-kind niched business and niched service/ formula.

By taking this approach you will find it easy to sell, explain and pitch to your audience, and because of the niche approach you will only attract the clients that are accountable to making every opportunity with you a success.


  1. You own your own marketplace
  2. Increased Business and product confidence
  3. Consistency to client and business awareness
  4. Clarity to the “Why” of your business
  5. Consistent business and self-development growth
  6. Higher invoice rate
  7. A one to few businesses that will develop into a one-to-many opportunity to create passive income if you choose
  8. Greater control of your business direction
  9. International client base attraction if you choose this direction and applicable
  10. Greater referral rate due to niche structure
  11. Build a re-set to your business core values, high ideas values, and extreme sense calculating skills
  12. The direction, input, and re-design to niching your business content, programme, product, and/or services for client/customer attraction
  13. Build your keynote business/life message for audience attraction
  14. Dramatic self-investment and gratification to Home, family, and personal life
  15. Excel in personal relationship awareness to giving, growing, and receiving unconditional love 

This sixteen-week formula will consist of eight 1 hour bi-weekly Zoom deep dive calls. Each call steered by the one-to-one think tank preparation form that is unique to your process.

The one-to-one think tank preparation form filled in before each call and sent on to your business niche mentor via WhatsApp image, scan, or email. You will have open access to your coach via WhatsApp for video, voice, and text messaging in-between calls.

From each Zoom deep dive call you will take away call to actions that will be the driving force to building the next layer of your niched you and business.

Over the sixteen weeks we will build sensible goals, focus points, market approach, business penetration, client attraction, networking approach, sales focus, clear profit margins and above all the outstanding you.


Your invested time:

All the above is Paul Rees’s proven formula for making your niched business a successful trading platform! While he will guarantee results, there is also the accountability of the programme recipient's efforts and drive to make the programme a success, and to use of all the available tools supplied through Paul’s business niching formula.

Clients are accountable to meet all scheduled one to one bi-weekly remote calls. If calls are missed by the client through no fault of Paul’s schedule, this can set a backlog in development and cannot be carried over unless agreed otherwise by your coach.

Your investment:

Registration and admin fee £95 per person

16-week niche business build formula: Monthly payment option x 1 person £800 a month (Each month paid in advance)

Paid in advance: £3200


Contact Details

Paul Rees Business CoachingPaul Accolade 1008WEB

Email: support@paulreesbusinesscoach.biz

Mob: 07403 787 454

UK Office: 01656 744365