Impact – Professional Keynote Speaker Training: 6-month formula

The importance of delivering a high-quality message is now vital for the ear worm of any audience, and so many still get it so wrong with too much emphasis on what is generic yet too the speaker exciting.

Often there is a much greater message and profile to offer and can be extracted through professional guidance and keynote training. This is the start to your professional voice delivery career in the knowledge industry.

Let’s be clear here this is not an overnight journey, or quick build business, but a deep dive and extract process to get out of you the greatest message for the greatest reach to the listening ear. The focus is longevity to your message and loyal audience. Most speakers have just the one message that will carry a very short shelf life in the industry. Our job will be to put into flight a message life span that will put you in a place of accountability to grow you to grow your message.

All messages of substance come from experience, an experience that has been championed to extreme success through sheer determination, drive, and the desire to make others successful from your experience championed life story.

Our first goal is to find your message foundation. This will be done through extensive self-recognition. A good message is delivered from an outcome while a great message is delivered from deep realisations. This will take some practice. Your message is your life and experience, so we will open the layers to that experience to expose the message and solution for your audience.

We use our reflect and highlight technique designed to draw out the power portions of your keynote message. This technique will embed into your subconscious “message hot spots”, and as  you become experienced within your delivery your subconscious message hotspots will expand from the recycling of information to broaden the delivery and improve the quality of your message to your audience.



Impact - keynote training formula

  • The first stage is to take our Harrison advanced assessment: This assessment has been purposely built for our keynote training clients by our Harrison experts. Harrison’s 45 minutes smart questionnaire provides detailed measures of your emotional intelligence, behavioral patterns, behavioral competencies, development blocks, and soft-skills elite performance. This paradox technology exposes your real-time EQ strengths and life/business practicing weaknesses.

            All vital for the self-recognition process to keynote perfection.

  • At the start of your Impact - keynote training formula you will receive your fingerprint-built, mind mapping hard copy work folder. This will keep you organised and accountable – designed to work through the keynote formula tools and last the timeline of your six-month programme.
  • Bi-weekly, one-hour, keynote mapping sessions. Keeping you on target and motivationally healthy for the duration of the programme. All sessions are conducted via Zoom, making it convenient for your busy schedule.
  • You will experience a formula used that brings to you the true experience of your one-on-one coaching up close, personal, and live via our remote seminar experience. We use the most up-to-date digital interactive board technology and webinar equipment; this brings you right into the room with your coach.
  • 1 reading book a month to complement, support, and strengthen your growth. Delivered to your door.
  • Every 6 weeks, you will have with your coach a “deep dive” 2-hour masterplan Zoom call or face to face think tank.

               The perfect opportunity to dissect and re-affirm your healthy commitment and direction to your keynote career success goals.


Your invested time:

All the above is our proven formula to making your keynote profile and business a successful trading platform! While we guarantee results, there is also the accountability of the programme recipient's efforts and drive to make the programme a success and to use of all the available tools supplied through the Impact - keynote training formula.


Registration and admin fee £95 per person

6-month programme: x 1 person £335 a month

(This is a six-month programme with each month paid in advance)

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