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Accolades Executive Business Coaching have combined EQ and IQ in perfect balance to ensure your personal and professional growth. Executive Coaching with us ensures real results driven forward by accountability and clarity.

EQ reflects a person's capacity for empathy, trust, and productive investment into the career or accountable role. We actively assess how our clients identify, evaluate, control and express productive responses towards accountable efficiency and team transparency in the workplace - so we can get right to the heart of what drives them forward in their business and their life. Once we understand those drivers all goals without condition become achievable by applying that driver with focus and clarity.

At Accolade we focus on people, not titles, this means we can apply our unique coaching techniques to teams of any level, specialising in helping keep your top people accountable, resilient and forward thinking.

                    ECONOMIC = business practices   
                     EGO = quality and recognition
                     THINK = clarity and vision
                     ACCOUNTABILITY = values, processes & systems 


This first stage of your EETA business/entrepreneurial development programme is the economic business micro driver stage. Highlighting the importance of self and social recognition into awareness. This master foundational setter is vital to supporting a balanced equality throughout the business, regardless of any individual position. A rich economic awareness and culture is the currency that sets for the correct field track to a guaranteed high thinking team, productive KPI’S, business building call to actions, consistent quality transparent communication, person to person productive culture and removes none productive individualism, blame culture as well as small thinking procrastination and team breakdown. The practice of good business economics makes for rock hard foundations


The second stage of the EETA programme is the single driver stage, focusing on core personal growth and professional development, remembering here what you project is what becomes.  Focusing on the practice of ones healthy ego is most definitely the organic power productive button in every high performing individual. A healthy ego mirrors unlimited confidence to the business.


The third stage is the elite team or individual owner driver stage, the promoter for business transition. This advanced business driver stage of the EETA programme is where it all comes together, this is the stage that brings the value of the individual or teams Experienced into Experience and projected out for further Experiencing. The three stage EEE’s are fed by the quality of professional high-think executive leaders, new leaders championed by the success from stages 1 and 2. This advanced third stage pulls together a new level of productive confidence from all programme participants, billboarding into the business a professional individual and team high-standard of think integrity and high-quality decision-making capabilities. The maturity of ones ego from stage 2 success allows for a huge shift in realising the power-use of wisdom and high-quality thinking to collate new ideas, confidence in collaborating projects as well as promoting elite team drive and integration, resulting a fast return call to action attitude, and guaranteed met KPI’s. Think fitness matters!


The fourth stage is results driven, this is the business driver stage. Unconditional accountabilities account for a measurable value of your or every programme candidate invested KPI’s, daily productive efforts, individual/team loyalties and above all the individual employee seat value to the business. Without this knowledge the business is having to second-guess its exact expected return of effort and financial gains from all who are contracted to the loyal success of the business. This stage is the in-action stage for individual/team quality and practiced integrity for high productive decision making. This final stage of the programme is designed to pull into sinc the natural togetherness of a high productive team or bring into action the high productive individual and highlight to remove any none productive resistants towards the business. True Accountability guarantees a currency flow.

We offer individual one to one coaching, one off courses/workshops or on-going service tailor made packages designed to meet the training requirements of individual, small, medium or large organisations. Helping you to maintain your work goals and company’s long-term business plan.   

We take pride in the excellent customer service we offer and the support we provide to each and every customer, no matter how small or large to achieve their goals. We seek to establish valued long-term relationships with all of our partners.



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