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                     E emotion
                     E ego
                     T thought
                     A action

The E.E.T.A Programme is unique in its ability to bring forward and help every individual recognise and change every unproductive thought in relation to their ability to perform productively in the workplace, any studies programme, all round skills and personal life.

Each of the four modules has a direct and instant outcome on any short or long-term working goal or personal life expectancies. Each of the four emotional modules has an important role and is very much the make-up of every person’s persona. Working independently, each module has its own stored bank of thought and action triggers which create, when working independently and without a managed understanding in place, a conflict of confidence, performance, depletion of self-worth and self-belief in one’s unconditional productive and expected daily results.

By retraining your emotional thought pattern and working your emotional modules as a team of synchronised modules, you will very quickly establish an awareness of your confidence and ability never experienced. This newly found understanding will then naturally flow into positive actions from you to you and then absorbed by others to be re-used into other positive actions. We call this “mirrored confidence”: An in built tool that costs nothing other than “recognition” and  “self-discipline” two ingredients of growth that guarantee to feed your emotional modules everything that’s needed for success in every aspect of expectations.

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