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To keep your business in an ease of profits and away from panic and loss,  it is absolutely essential that you get to know “YOU” first, and this can be done through answering five of my power thoughts into profit self-foundational questions, asked to you at the end of this video. Then log your answers and go back and re-visit these money making same questions twice monthly

Look deep into yourself for the answers to these five business profit making questions; let your reply for each profit rich question on each re-visit, come from the responding portion of your productive corporate wisdom rather than the reactive portion of your emotional loyalties to old doubted expectations,  and a camouflaged negative ego.
The secret being here to TIME-ALLOW  your answer’s,  rather than MICRO RUSH your answer’s, because the temptation to  “micro rush” your thought process when replying to each power profit making question,  over your “naturally time-allowed” thought process,  will subconsciously invite your  “pride” into an influencing play,  and then send to you a disjointed trust as to how emotionally true each of your answers are.
Each re-visit, if you answer each of my power profit making question with self-integrity, and a realisation of true self-honesty,  will invite from your wisdom to your business brand new productive realisations and insights every time.
This micro positive productive process will highlight, expose and remove,  old habitual and ingrained inherited business profit depleting doubts,  and in turn,  allow for the re-train and positive use of your self-awareness conscious from subconscious clean power think.
You will through this exercise re-align a positive productive thought pattern, and once again organically marry back into your furnace of positive thinking into profiting business
So here are your five power profiting question:
•    Do you truthfully see the financial value of your self-worth into your talent? And how much is that gross figure?
•    Do you feel how much you are potentially worth financially in life, over the financial worth of your business in current time?
•    Do you down cost the value of your talent to a dictating price driven, stuck fast weak market? And if so why?
•    Does your self-recognised financial worth and value of “YOU” supersede the financial worth of your product to your client and if so by what percentage?
•    How much does a million pounds feel within your nostalgic self-worth: lots – little – easy money - way out of reach? Remembering here your financial perception creates the financial reality within your business:
Enjoy your clean think!!!
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