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So many entrepreneurs and business people in general practice the “Panic into Money” emotion into their businesses. Forcing the natural flow of business success into reverse purely from what is a lack of belief, depleted corporate self-worth and a self-practiced weakening to their mind set and realisation that money and profits should be an expectation for efforts invested, after-all business is designed to make money so how is it possible “NOT” to make the generated profits the business module is designed to return by guarantee. If your focus is purely on “panic money” then you are trading into short term repeated results over longevity and guaranteed financial growth.

Your daily “panic to money business practice” births from your insistence in remaining loyal to your past disappointments, subconsciously replaying the same doubted story to yourself like white noise in the background, and while the reasoning for business is profits and financial growth, the doubted over-thought to your end result or “bottom line” as it’s so often called, depletes your organic ability to see and believe in the guarantee of your business success.
This common whispered self-thought process for so many in business does nothing more than re-affirm the old depleted trust of poor expectations and low bottom line profits.
Remember your business or career doesn't give you what you want; it gives you who you are. Most people live in complete ignorance of that truth...and it costs them dearly. The continued financial profits in your business should be nothing less than a clear thought of expectation, and this clarity of thought can only come from the confident focus of the clear success to you first before your business.
Success and growth in business is not a financial focus as this outcome is secondary to success, but a peripheral understanding of your self-worth and the ability to trust on each of your daily emotional micro power efforts invested. With a healthy ego TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT “WHO ARE YOU to your business?” till next time
Paul Rees: Your International Executive Business Coach – emotions are your value and value is your business!!

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