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Our appearance is for the majority completely in the hands of social demand, never what fits our own natural balanced appearance of attractive. Constantly for many striving to change to create a perfection that exists only in a synthetic world of short lived magazine demands and fashions.

We have completely forgotten what true beauty is and the reasoning for individuality in shape and feature. There is a natural reasoning for individuality and that is taste and desire! Each of us liking a shape, size, feature, hair colour and so on in a person that is completely unique to our own liking, and if you use that understanding as your natural rule of thumb you will attract in to your life the perfect person if not already with you.
Trust the process of this exercise as this is a guarantee, providing you are practicing the exercise correctly. You will attract not just the perfect partner that will absolutely love and fancy you for you but also this process of thought and self-care in emotional kindness to yourself will attract into your life what’s attractive to you and attracted to you – It’s the ultimate of HAPPINESS,  feel good and a pure organic profit making machine.
Coach Yourself To Succcess - Permanently
Accolade Academy’s coaching articles are written by professional business and life coach Paul Rees. His unique style of writing has made publications all over the world, influencing a change and understanding to the emotional intelligence and growth of thousands globally.
Through Accolade Academy Paul has in place six month professional business and life coaching programmes. He has coached many of the most successful recognised entrepreneurs internationally. Paul believes success is common in us all and carries the same potential for all, so let Paul show you your potential through is effective and result creating methods. Be the best! Be successful!
His life changing articles are free to you with the only cost being your time read them, and then self invest to a permanently successful life. Click through to read Paul's free articles

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