The greatest profit making personal emotional investment you will ever invest into your career is the recognition and change up of your negative natural inherited habitual triggers and traits from childhood. Then replacing those inherited habitual thoughts with positive high performance clean thinking for greater wisdom downloads. This ego free recognition is a very personal exercise that will require from you guts and determination, all present in us all in abundance, so very easy for you, you’ll see.

Look at this exercise much like your daily investment into an emotional stock market, if you invest correctly by using clear high performing clean thoughts into your day that are influence free from your ever controlling background emotional doubts that so many fail to recognise in themselves, then you are guaranteed a good return on all levels from your emotional value. But If you invested any doubt, guilt, hurt, selfishness, people pleasing, negative responsibility, depleted self –worth or invented you instead of authentic you (as just a few examples) then you have made a poor investment in that moment/day/week and can expect a low return of success to your life success and profits in business.

You will have read I have not mentioned or discussed product, skill, experience or IQ as these ingredients are completely dependent from the feed of your clean thought process via self-worth and self-emotional value. Start your self-recognition today by giving more “think” to what you are thinking and recognise when and why the influence of your subtle yet hugely influencing emotional doubts manipulate your clean thought and water down your injection of wisdom into your daily profit making business realisations and insights.

Using my EETA (emotion-ego-thought-action) executive coaching programs I can increase and improve your process of thought to eliminate those profit depleting emotional triggers, and align a new power thought format of think tank success that will drive into your career a continued success never thought possible.   



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