Emotionally your “inherited financial worth” and daily “self-believed materialistic value” is your organic inward and outward emotional financial tug of war. It is your complicated and somewhat paired contradicting sabotage to the financial stability of your home, career and business. It matters not what your current financial or at best assumed quality of life position may be, clean thinking is what creates consistency to your financial growth and then a repeated consistency to that growth.
Your Profits, your todays income, expected income and further profits are governed by your practicing of the now spend and now value of your purchase, as well as the under and over value of your services/product sold or expectance of low income employment.

Recognising your clean thought process is massively important for you and your business growth. Are you a cash purchase or credit/debit card individual? Is credit easy for you? If so look back for these triggers inherited from your childhood, what where mam and dads practices financially? As this will unfold any habitual practices that you will be creating within your business and career: for example a repeat of debt, unworthy, cash is always tight and so on. It can also go the other way where finances where good but never happiness within your childhood or it may have been all good where there is/was an abundance of money, and seemingly a happy home but was emotionally empty due to the lack of physical holds and the open uplifting “I love you so give us a big hug” day. Was food over valued by a cost always? If you didn’t eat the food given then were you reminded of its cost, and the same with clothes etc.?
To move forward and up in the ladder of quality in life, profit and salary then you have to STOP the subconscious triggers of mam, dad and the family inherited traditions in monetary value, and trust me when saying “we all have them until we recognise and clear them out with a new positive replaced aligned thought” of clean thinking into high performance thought, our past is ingrained and hidden in us all.
Money only carries the value of your self-worth and no more, because it has no value of its own, and the value to the coin face holds a different value from person to person.
Start to observe and note with clarity your over and under spend, holdback and impulse purchases, the why and what’s relating to them. This exercise is not an instant changer, know this will take some time to understand and unfold because you must acknowledge the highlighter triggers, where they come from, who started them in your life and what part of the inherited financial trigger is creating the failed appreciation of your financial value or the value of happiness in connection to your financial value.
Are you selling your services cheap and justify the reasoning due to the market you are in, recession, customer/client expectation of purchase price etc.? Does your financial thoughts complement your bigger picture and successful outcome to come?  All very much are self-driven excuses that will relate to your self-worth in financial value.
This exercise will take a little practice, be patient and selective to what needs analysing, over working this with every purchase and spend thought is then devolving to the freedom of spend and save, it’s balance that’s important here and priority to recognition. Money is not happiness and happiness is not money. Money is an enjoyment of your efforts from your efforts driven by the “who” you are, it is just a return of energy from energy given and that’s a win/win profit in life.
Get yourself a pen and paper and create your recognition folder, no keys here because it’s all about nostalgia, so hand writing is best for this exercise as it will help to bring forward those dated memories adopted from parents that are directing your daily corporate and life spending/purchasing fashions. Start by writing down your last twelve months purchases for business, career, home and personal. What did you use to purchase? Credit, cash, long term credit agreement, the list can be extensive due to the abundance of options available to us these days. Once you have listed a few then mind map each purchase, and the emotional mechanics behind. Start by valuating your choice of payment, and look back for the emotional pattern, and trust me on this you will find every excuse for using your payment method over the recognition of your true inherited emotional choice, it will take a healthy ego from you that’s for sure.   
Give yourself a month to complete this exercise, it will take time to recognise trust me. What will start to unfold is a pattern and no format is best, only a nursing justified balance to your spending decisions. What’s important here is you recognise your/the business thoughts that are birthed from your inherited depleting success emotions then manipulated into a decision emotively, and then through your whispered thoughts justifying logically. This format of poor thought patter is a business killer for decision making. It’s a white noise background of depleted profits that just can’t be seen until the habit shows itself. Clean thinking is what makes success and nothing less, this is your opportunity to practice your healthy ego and recognise your toxic thoughts of old. Clean thoughts = Pure profits
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