How was 2016 for you? It’s a million dollar question and the good news being it has a million dollar answer. Look back at your year using your microscopic eye and resist scanning those times or memories that you feel you would prefer to forget from this year’s events. With pen and paper start noting the detail of each emotional test and complementing event from beginning to end, yes it may be a little time consuming and for some memories that rush back emotions that felt difficult at the time so why ask for reminders?

Well here it is! These emotional testers were your money seeds planted in readiness for your 2017 emotional harvest of success, your pre New Year success builders in prep for next year’s personal life profits and business growth. Without this year’s emotional growers, your personal build in readiness for your 2017 bigger picture of your success in life would have no momentum! In short you’d stay the ‘already you’ and there is no growth in that person as he/she has already experienced time passed. It’s time to take a stock check of your profits and list your emotional money making investments for your growing life in the now  
As you list your 2016 emotional hurdles, analyse each event with a clean thought, not resentment or personal disappointment but with a “wow” “I grew so much from that experience”. Forget what others may have done or assumed, or how unjust the event may have seemed at the time because each event or participating person was a volunteered prop, helping you to make the most of your year’s opportunities to grow a greater success in life. These events have a life profiting return to the emotional student at the time, and that emotional student will be you, an apprentice learning Universal emotional value in the invisible yet ‘feelable’ University of Masters in Emotional Growth.
Enjoy what you experienced, as this true approach to your 2016 experiences will then allow for the true reasoning and purpose of each event happening in your life at that time. You have to mindfully see that each event was never about the other person or events in happening, it was completely synchronised for your benefit to your personal growth, future life and business success.  There are no such happenings as negative in life, because the happy times you will be taking with you into 2017 from 2016 are the momentum keepers that refreshingly allow for the strength to participate in your personal growth studies and successfully pass the end of year exam. Those successful recognised passes of each emotional exam is what attracts success in every shape and form.
Make your list, take stock and applaud yourself for all your worth. It takes guts and courage to ask so much of yourself. Your emotional mastery this year will flood itself in rewards to you next year; all that’s required is clear recognition. Have a great 2017 – Paul Rees
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