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Recognising the difference between your react and respond emotion within your emotional value offered to another is a huge advantage for the emotional correct placing of you emotional investments within life and business, and is your winner answer for success in all areas. Don’t underestimate its importance, don’t allow your ego to get the better of you when analysing and working on this wealth of discovery while on your path to brilliance.

Spend this the next 14 days really recognising, and I mean really recognising which are you:  A REACTOR or RESPONDER to daily discussions, regardless of its intensity or importance.

To react is to give your experience and emotional intelligence a dist-justice to its abilities and creative growth. So in short you are robbing your potential of future success in every way. A quick tip in helping recognising a react emotion is, if you have already got you answer in place before your recipient/client has finished talking then you are reacting not engaging, investing or engagingly interested at that point as its your ego that is now listening and holding the conversation, and for all in business will now an ego can never create wealth.

To respond means you have listened. This is a true investment to your success; a good listener is rich in all emotional values as they will give thought and reserve the time for a structured answer with another’s emotional growth taken into consideration. In short a good business person regardless of his/her experience is always a good listener and will listen with a reserved year to his or her bias answer.  A quick tip in helping recognise a respond emotion: How clear are your thoughts when engaged in conversation with your recipient/client, are you listening as well as chatting with your own thoughts at the same time. Remember here your brain is a massive data storage bank so if you have to remember the conversation as its happening then you are not listening. To resist listening is to uneducated your mature possibilities and expertise to success.

Take your success in life and business to a whole new level through Paul Rees EETA training programmes. Your emotions are your value and your value is your business.

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