Entrepreneurialism at its best

Why a business coach? What are the benefits to you the business owner or career minded person? Well it’s really a no brainer – emotions into profits and growth. We are born with the richest most natural asset needed for success, an asset that will without question, positively guarantee to achieve you your profits in business, it costs nothing to use, is absolutely in abundance to each and every one of us and all that is required of us is the recognition of its existence within our working day and that is “SELF-WORTH!” But, and there is a big but that will be the case for many, you see because it is an emotional asset of limitless profitability that often gets replaced for a cover up emotion when struggling for whatever reasoning to see and recognise your true established self-worth twined at birth.

In the corporate world, EGO is still king for many and being in touch with the valued emotional part of you is considered weak with no place in a place of authority.

Well that is (an old formula, welcome to the future) then and this is now, welcome to CHANGE.

The new business of success is the business of understanding of oneself first, so roll up your sleeves, swallow your pride and start hearing, seeing and feeling the core of your emotional corporate decisions, and I don’t mean the service decisions that run your business module daily but the decisions of doubt, holdback, and strangulated opinions that fail to allow for judgement and constructive criticism to your choices, the failed ear of opportunity.

We are in a time of complete filtering and corporate habitual change of done to the doing, from practiced to introduction, training to acknowledging, from watching to seeing and from awareness of to awareness is.        

A business module thrives on the nurturing of your self-worth and your personal adolescent emotional value and will with all loyalty represent this back to you through your invested hours and profitable expectations. You see a business module is an exact mirror of your inner expectations and daily spilled anxieties that get complemented by your talent and ability to invent life, and if they are not in order and understood this creates carnage and perfection all at the same time, thus profits and loss in business.

My EETA programme will for you, create a perfect stream of communication and the marrying of all your emotions to thoughts into profits. You will enhance your peripheral thought to emotion and emotion to thought and introduce a greater momentum to download positive ideas and upload actions into profit, entrepreneurialism at its best.



Coach Yourself To Succcess - Permanently

Accolade Academy’s coaching articles are written by professional business and life coach Paul Rees. His unique style of writing has made publications all over the world, influencing a change and understanding to the emotional intelligence and growth of thousands globally.

Through Accolade Academy Paul has in place six month professional business and life coaching programmes. He has coached many of the most successful recognised entrepreneurs internationally. Paul believes success is common in us all and carries the same potential for all, so let Paul show you your potential through is effective and result creating methods. Be the best! Be successful!

His life changing articles are free to you with the only cost being your time read them, and then self invest to a permanently successful life. Click through to read Paul's free articles