Fellow entrepreneurs, It’s time to catch up or be left behind

Each of you are seeking the same as the next – an ease of profit to improve and maintain a quality of life. This is a repeated thought and action for most business’s and for much it’s a sold out and dated emotion. So let’s change that perception for you through our EETA coaching programmes and make your business life easier and richer in success and profits.

But first let’s go back to basics, why? Because in the hustle and bustle of your entrepreneurial lives it’s easy to forget what the true value of a business module is and its purpose. That being – you chose the life of an entrepreneur because you have a talent and skill that’s worth the return of your services – in the world of business this is called “PROFIT” the true module of any business is to make profit and grow the making of that profit, but here’s the things most entrepreneurs hide behind the business, never actually realising the business and the profit is actually him/her! Your product is no more than an extension of your personal talent and skill, yes you got it, and you are the product that in reality created a product that represents the essence of your talent and personality.

So if a business module’s only aim is to make a profit then are you purely in it for the money, yes of course and should be without question as that’s the true purpose of a business module, but money and profits in business can only come from excellence and passion to your committed goals, service to customers and dedication to your clients – again that’s business in its truest form. So how do you plan to move forward? Are you still hiding behind your expensive suit or company name? That’s fine, its old, dated and done but still contented by many a business person, I wish you all the luck in the world, because you’ll need it to keep up with the new growing speed of our modern business person that has realised they have a responsibility in themselves, the business and customer, a wakeup call of I HAVE TO SEE ME first. A product for sale is not enough these days, even two for the price of one has become expensive. The excitement for the consumer has peaked and died and the purchase rush is slowed to a Sunday morning pedestrian pace. The customer is now seeking familiarity; a place to purchase that warms the soul of purchase nostalgia

The good news being this new alignment of entrepreneurial thought is free to the investor. All you have to do is dump the ego, set aside the corporate text book of old and analyse your every Emotion Ego Thought into Action, we at Accolade call this our EETA Programme.                                                                                             

Taking stock of your every triggered thought that invites its manic emotion into your structured corporate day, this is what makes an entrepreneur successful and for most very rich in profits.  The skill of using the “you is your business “ takes a little time via small nudges to create the most secured success and emotional trust within your business, too big a change and all confidence will be lost through doubt, no patience and mostly traditional practicing expectations, they will creep back in trust me if you’re not careful. For many say “why should I have to work on me? Why should I have to change who I am? Well here it is, it’s called “GROWTH” your social awareness is the key to the service portion of your business, while your personal awareness is your key to the running of business and staff support. Very few can see what needs to be changed about them for the better of them. It takes practice with a steady understanding of how to see the twist of inherited personal emotional triggers that help create a subconscious undercurrent of corporate sabotage to your career.

I can coach you into a success pattern of understanding so easy to use that it asks for no more of your already excelled emotional energy. The first one hour consultation is free and I will focus on mind-set and emotions as that is the root of your talent and sale of product, and then through the duration of the programme we will marry in to your new mind-set a focus on exposure, coverage and geographical recognition as well as the social growth of you the business owner and the product to sale exposure and then transference of the package into profits. Lots to think about! We as your team will immediately get to work on your gateway of endless potential.  It’s time to catch up or be left behind – give us a call