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Business and success come married from one ingredient of knowing and that is – Do you feel worth it? To achieve this knowing and the abundance of repeated sustainable success in business start by asking yourself some simple questions (see below).  Which one of the five questions reflects your position at this point in time, because the belief of your success will always come second to the belief of your self-worth that is made up of thousands of micro emotions that are your build of emotional person? It is true to say in business, all carry the belief of success but yet the practice of the business on many occasions reflects otherwise. Answer your question ego free, be true to your current position because the way forward is to understand and grow from the now of your life. Recognising your true current position will create the correct rational foundation to your long term goals.

To answer correctly you will need to have a clear and true account of your business financially or career day to day, remembering when accounting your current position the word profit means profit, not salary.

Which of one below are you:

  1. I work to make a salary
  2. Im a business person/owner that has a good turnover and makes a small contented profit
  3. Im a business person/owner that makes a good profit with visions of growing my business
  4. Im a business person/owner that makes a substantial profit with investments of new branches/companies/stores always being the focus
  5. Im an entrepreneur and have limitless possibilities for business and wealth
  6. I have created through my entrepreneurial success millions in wealth and limitless possibilities for all my businesses. 

Throughout my career business coaching one of the most repeated emotions I have witnessed with many of my clients is the disbelief of their positive current position within the goals of their business or career possibilities for success or improved success and this can come in both ways, of gratitude gain or complete failure.

I have seen sole traders and medium sizes businesses fail purely down to their own inability to actually see how well the company is already trading, having so little trust within the success that’s actually staring the owners in the face and are in many cases creating and feeding their own failure, and please this is not another one of those universal thought scenarios, not that im a disbeliever in thought creates success because I am in every way, but it’s the understanding of which micro layer of which micro thought that creates which micro portion of success to the whole of the success is the secret to sustainable repeated profits. So what am I getting to here, let’s say the business is thriving but you as the owner/director keep putting this period of wealthy trading down to no more than “a good period” failing to recognise what intentional portion of your positive “expectedness emotion” made this happen in the first place. Then what you are actually un-intentionally doing is giving all the reasoning for all possibilities of growth and profit to your business to an action of doubt. You are given the control and value of your “right to achieve profit and success” to your clients and in-turn outside of your control. It’s vital for you to understand that “your expectedness emotion” is the key ingredient to the profit or loss of your aspirational future business goals; this is the forward thinking emotion of your business/career. It is the emotion that builds great corporate companies, but only synchronizes perfectly if practiced with a truly healthy ego and karmic free approach, any abbreviation from your healthy ego and karmic understanding will see the “your expectedness emotion” become watered down and lose its true momentum.

So let’s go back to your five questions. Which one did you choose? Did you play down or exaggerate your answer? If you chose between 1 and 4 and feel you are very accurate with your answer then switch your intention up to the next number, as this is the only way you can start your “expectedness emotion” to start working into your success and return clear large sums of profit to your life. It will take a little practice for sure but the more you allow the emotion “expectedness” to run forward of your doubts the quicker it will naturally be your business/career builder and profit scorer. If you have chosen number five on the list then great, you can now in your career help all the aspiring entrepreneurs around you reach number five from the benefits of your advised experience and talent.

Remember business and career building is a micro process of emotional understanding. While the service roles of expected skills needed within your chosen business or career is no more than a beneficial time filler for the recognised brand of your chosen business/career. Emotions create skills, skills create profiles, and profiles create profits and success, never any other way.

Through Paul Rees’s EETA programmes you can train to understand and use these emotional skills and take your business and career to a level of success never thought possible.

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