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Take a good hard look at what is working for you and what is not. Remember we are creatures of habit and for the most part, repeat daily the same emotional hold backs because it is what feels safe. A self-inflicted hold back in life is always an emotional trait inherited from our youth via our parents.

Sadly very few work to understand these personal hold-backs, feeling their personal influences have very little to do with the success of their business or careers while assuming work and personal emotions are separate, we’ve all heard the old saying: never bring home into work or take work into home, as if those emotions live separately. Well here’s the shock, there has and always will be an overlap of home and work emotions combined to make both modules of your life successful, it is impossible to function separately regardless of how disguised it has been by many throughout their careers and this inability by the majority to recognise the importance of this overlap is the very reason why there is such a small percentage of businesses that own the most value of success globally. Yes I absolutely agree there are emotions that do not belong in work from home and vice versa, of course there has to be a balance for working conduct and professionalism, but let us remember also that your emotions are your value and your value is your business.

So where do you start? With you of course!! Success always starts at home first. On the very day you were born, you came into your life carrying, knowing and living one emotion only, and it is that of “I am worthy and worth even more” an unconditional self-love and self-success untarnished by opinions or inherited traits. If we were able to sustain that feeling of absolute worthiness for success from that moment at birth and into the rest of our life then I Paul Rees would be out of a job and everybody would have the same equal levels of self-worth, because at that point of birth in your life and every other given birth, is the only time in one’s life does he/she feel un-biased of equal value to another.

This changes the moment we learn to understand the emotion “disappointment” and “emotional hurt”. Our ability to maintain the momentum of success becomes watered down by those adults that from view seem more experienced in life so must be correct. Let’s remember here there has to be order and obedience in life also or there is no educating our emotions and our ability to exercise our need to store and learn information would be wasted, basically we would not grow up emotionally. Let’s jump forward a few years to the now of your life and business, and knowing you came into your life as equal to those with the greatest of recognised entrepreneurial profile, success and monetary profits you can now re-open your same expectancies.

Today is your day of change and improve, as said you were born with exactly the same potential of success as any other on this earth, so why waste that opportunity to experience and own the fruits of millions and a home of dreams when it is there at your feet ready to be claimed.

Look closer at your personal life as this is the dictator to your professional life, and trust me you can rosy-up all you want but a great job will never sustain itself if your personal life is not up to speed first, you’ll have contentment but never happy success, it is impossible because there will always be one alpha personal emotion that is missing and trying to be subsidised by your career happiness, and with everybody’s career being a synthetic role, it cannot create a real life long true valued emotion, one that influences your persona build in life. It is always personal to professional never the other way round.

Are you true to your personal life? Do you promote happiness when really you are sad? Do you claim to others to be completely happy on your own when really you are lonely? Are you lonely even though you live with a partner? Are you demonstrating a false wealth to others to bring in a feel good factor to your ego? Are you controlling or are controlled by a partner or parent? Are you a jealous person or very distrusting? The list is relatively huge but your list regardless how small it may seem is relevant to you. Take it seriously because it is your daily practiced negative traits and triggers that you practice to another or you disguise to the masses in your life, through your micro insecurities, they are the focus of change for the creation of your success and wealth first, and this change comes way before your business module and the quality of your product, that is for sure. If you don’t have your personal ethics and morals in place for yourself or towards others in your personal life first, your business or career will NOT sustain and secure sustainable financial growth long term, it is impossible because your Gratitude is not being practiced in giving or receiving and behind every high profile successful entrepreneur are three practiced emotions that created his/her global success  GROWTH – GRATITUDE - GENEROSITY  and in that order and all have to be secured in place from a true practice from that individual to have any form of growth in business. You must, with a healthy ego see your faults and look at what it is you refuse to look at about yourself that is negative to your life and others, list your traits and triggers inherited from mam and dad, and then look to see if any have a positive or negative to your success and please, you don’t have to be an absolute perfectionist emotionally just true to you and others, and there is a huge difference in being a perfectionist and being true, as being true is allowing your potential all possibilities for positive growth through your positive Karma, while being a perfectionist emotionally is to demonstrate an insecurity to who you really are, it is an emotion that does nothing other than hide your talent, of which is another natural tool to your success.

If you are practicing in your personal life true care and the want for others to truly benefit from what you have to give them emotionally and practically then your business will also reflect this in every way. Remember the naturally successful business person requires the need not to be successful but more so, is appreciative of those dearest to him/her first. They say like attracts like in life, this is most definitely the case for business owner to business, who you are creates what you are ALWAYS!!  Give it some serious thought. 

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