So many individuals and companies struggle to reach their potential to grow a continued repeated success purely because of the inability to recognise talent over experience, or sadly for many companies the directorship dictations own insecurities refuse to recognise this natural engine for success because of individual in house competitive ego.

What is talent? Talent is an ability to do or achieve in certain skills or practical modules that comes easy for that individual, and for the most is easily recognised by those who don’t carry the same ability to hold confidence in that same talent. Now here’s the thing, every given person has a talent that is individual and owned by that person, and every successful business has a collective bank of complete talent within that business, which resonates to the business needs to create the success of that business. Yet the success of the business is very much relied upon the ability of the individual or business to see the talent within each person and utilize it for the growth of the company, and can in many cases force a reorganising of personnel skills to utilize the raw and natural talent. This is for many companies a practice not used due to old practiced methods.

So what talent do you have that will take you to success and riches? For the most part very few actually hone in and use their natural talent to its full potential sale value, purely because natural talent feels to easy, and what I mean by that is many feel success has to come from blood, sweat and tears, and yes you have to work hard and dedicate your concentration, yet not your life, as life is meant to be lived and used to excel your talent.

I have seen so many entrepreneurs and single business owners struggle to reach their potential purely because they are not honing their natural talent and instead trying to mirror the talent of another in belief that the talent they are seeing, that is the making of the success of another should then do exactly the same for them.

Mirrored talent can help to achieve a momentum towards your success but will never be the creator of that reached goal, it’s impossible because your success is made from your talent and yours only.  If you’re contented within your career and happy where you are financially then read no further, if you feel there’s more for you then let’s make that happen.

Look at your business and all of its modules that make up for the complete product and business from first intro stages, including all the services offered and given to run the business to the furthest point of afters sales and make a list of what comes easy for you during your working day, what I mean is there is most certainly aspects of the running of your business that’s favoured over others purely because it resonates easily with you and for much is what keeps you driven to succeed. It may feel as if it’s the most enjoyable part of your work and may also be the talent that others recognise in yourself but for you it just seems too easy to be a tool that is the strength or the main creator to your success.

Yes if you run your own business you are most definitely a jack of all trades and will daily be experiencing the unexpected daily duties that add to your forever growing tool box of flexibility and job titles.  Look for and find this obvious talent to trade that is in you because it’s this powerful micro emotion of natural talent that is your money maker to success. It could be the ability to communicate with customers or handle/repair/promote the product, sales your business or you may be a naturally skilled demonstrator of your product, much depends on the business. On recognition through your list you may find there are a few talents that come to light, but there will always be one alpha talent, the one that’s your favourite over all things to be done in or for the business and it’s this one that you give gratitude and trust as your main self-product to the product of your business for success.

For many business owners their true money making talent gets lost in the hustle of running the business and wonder why the business is then struggling to peak as it did in the past. Be sure to keep the priority of what you do best as your best. Never let your talent become engulfed within the mundane roles of paper and panic.

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