Was it a true or a false feeling? So hard to know the difference these days, as some individuals use false feelings within their daily lives without recognition, never recognising the triggers of stunted emotional growth.

Especially if you have had a life of personal expectation, expectations promoted by the performance of your behaviour or the ability to perform mam or dads expectations positively,  or your performance behaviour may have been to under performer as a sibling, the expected none achiever.  How then is one expected to make true use of these feelings as an adult, as life promoters for a successful life of happiness and perfection. I mean your rewarded performance as a child is the makeup of your performing ability as an adult, now that can be such a scary prospect.

Your performance ability covers so many of your emotional and practical achievements, examples such as: how much you love you, how well you achieve, holding self-confidence, and the success of being in love with the correct partner, self-worth, and the list is endless.

So how do you recognise your false feelings that disjointed the true you emotionally but temporarily from that early age, yes that’s correct it will always be a temporary emotion, all false emotions are short lived as they have no sustainable life to support their existence becouse ITS FALSE to the true you, so cannot promote any longevity to any successful practical events within any of your successful life achievements. What is the true you, the true feeling of you?  Well, it’s the ‘you’ that played out those wow moments in your life, those moments that for that second or portion of time created a magnet attraction from others, an uplift in self-worth and belief in yourself that holds a branded memory of excitement to a nostalgic moment of what seemed a paused time of bliss.

You see positive synchronicity in life can only be attracted by the true emotional you to you, it’s impossible to have synchronicity while living out false emotions regardless of how frequent or infrequent you practice. If you’re still living out the adopted pantomime of mam and dads own disappointments that they gift wrapped into your life when a child and you will know this by looking back into your life and recognising your life’s pattern of repeated emotional hardship, and this can be found in many different emotions within your life, it can be in the emotion of love, finances, home, work/career, friends and so on. If you find one, some or all or not synchronizing in a positive momentum for you then look at what you did or are falsifying to yourself and another or others within that active emotion in your life right now. Are you acting out a role that is expected but not the potential of the true you? Are you using the words I LOVE YOU when in your heart it does not feel that way? In your career have you held back on your potential and played down your intelligence?  Because not allowing the true value of you to enjoy the expertise of your ability to enjoy the strength of your self-worth, has no universal investment to the attraction of your synchronized and successful life.

So what’s the secret here, well there isn’t one, if you are true to the core and offer it with a healthy ego you will be gifted a true to ‘you’ life with a true to you love and a true to you home and a true to you everything to go with it, how easy, how fab. So what’s next for you “recognition”, look at all the emotional categories of your life now, and recognise what’s not resonating then look back to when you started using false emotions to disguise your true feelings within that module of life for the pleasing of others. Now change it, tell yourself you will not make do, you deserve equality and value, and that will only arrive to you from the universe when you allow your feelings the value and voice deserving.

Perfection is underestimated, find out for yourself, and go for it.