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Accolade Academy’s unique corporate training and coaching can offer so much for the success of your start up or the increased success of your established business.

We specialise in helping the new entrepreneur establish the self-confidence and worth that’s absolutely necessary for any business to succeed successfully in this day and age.

Every budding new business has the tools at their fingertips never available some ten years ago the way it is today, and to make a business successful has never been so promising for any new director, in fact its overwhelmingly saturated for choice and positive possibilities through modern technology and the social value of all the networks.

To start up a business is at its most cost effective time ever and what we at Accolade can offer all you budding business enthusiasts is the direct complement to your long term wonderful business plans and direction.

The absolute need for emotional confidence and self-worth is without question a necessity to the new entrepreneur and investor globally, because without this confidence and emotional belief the individual has a very high possibility of failing in the first few intro years and on some occasion’s just months of growth in the corporate world. No matter how established or ready the product may be at start it rarely has any profile value, and it’s this is what creates the dissolve of so many new start up or expanding business’s, because the profile value of the new product when establishing to a new market is zero to the customer even though it will have a monetary value that dictates otherwise. What creates a profile value to any product/business is the self-value of the creator to that business and no one else.  They say It’s always the strong willed that make it to success, when actually it’s the emotionally intelligent who sustain a very high level of self-worth that hold lasting success in business. We can offer you aProgramme that will positively completely change your expectations of business success in your life. Every business is a success if the directing emotion absolutely without any doubt believes so, this is not a guess its fact, we create what we are worth.

To start your programme contact Paul Rees: Also read:  For the Business owner - Talent V's Experience who wins

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