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Through special invite from the respected Professor Lee Irwin, Paul's soft skills training and business coaching teachings were presented as part of Professor Lee Irwin’s class curriculum. The student grew in confidence and the quality of thought to action showed huge increases in performance

College of Charleston

Accolade Academy has played a key role in helping to establish and maintaining Purple Doors long term focus business plan and ongoing advisory. We have enjoyed substantial increased sales since adopting the strategies and philosophies of Accolade EBC

Purple Door – Rochester NY

Accolade Academy has been instrumental in helping devise guiding principles and maintain/ enhance our focus/ clarity as it pertains to both acquisitions and existing assets

TCP Real Estate – New York

Like many businesses Onit Sport has used so many of the traditional styles of staff training available to improve on skill and staffing responsibilities and having all the skills we needed in place we were looking for a training programme that would resonate with our staff in a way that brought equal thought of value to our business. Paul Rees professional business coaching has been instrumental in the success of Onit Sports expansion of business. Using the EETA programme within our business has increased our sale and efficiency by at least 35%. All levels of staffing have benefited from the programme in such a positive productive way we will definitely be continuing long term with Accolade Academy.

Onit Sports - South Wales UK:

The Accolade Academy EETA program was introduced to all our leader staff and has been an annual program that’s fixed as part of our statuary training. The maturity and increase in emotional productivity benefited from the EETA program by our staff is substantially recognisable throughout each store since its introduction, returning a greater level of customer satisfaction and productive team work and above all a healthy organisation.

Customized Sheet Metal – Wales UK

What a combination! Both Paul and Deb merge to intertwine their intuitive insights and sound psychological guidance to help pinpoint those hidden aspects of ourselves and shine a light on them. You get to then re-direct that focus in the direction you want to bring your life. Aspects like self-worth and self-love are wonderful skills. In my first two months I doubled my income and created a wonderful new romance, what more could I ask for?? The EETA programme is a must for personal and career building – Adrian Bollard

Adrian Bollard: Canada

Having initially introduces the 6-month staff programme I moved up to the elite team programme for my team. Both programmes have far excited my expectations and dramatically introduces a quality to ideas, thinking and direction not experienced by my staff in trading history. Accolade and its coaching direction is now a set schedule in my business that I will always see its benefits

Smarta Kitchens- Wales UK

Paul Rees Accolade Business Coaching thank you so much for being such an amazing wonderful coach and mentor as well as an associate. Emotional session this morning as Paul helped me to determine what really matters to me and why. I aspire to be as great a coach and mentor as you, Paul and I know I will continue to improve and develop my coaching and mentoring skills with your support and help. I am so glad I found you. Thank you.

Melanie Disley – Professional Business Coach

Absolutely fantastic 1 hour coaching call with the brilliant Paul Rees ! Amazing how one hour invested in yourself with the right people can put you on the right path to your goals. Would highly recommend Paul Rees to anyone who truly wants to better their life or business !!!

Aly Jones - Coach, Entrepreneur and Business owner London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Paul is authentic in his desire to empower others to succeed personally and professionally. He has an intuitive ability to get to "the heart of the matter". His energetic and compassionate coaching style will keep you moving onwards and upwards.

Lisa Bjerke - Optima Communications - Calgary, Canada

Paul is a master at homing in on the needs of a business in a way that takes it to a whole other level. In just the 1st conversation with Paul, he enlightened me with a profound shift in my market that will create the foundation for massive expansion in my business and life. Seeing this market and my business from his perspective, I am able to step into being the pillar of excellence I am meant to be. Working with Paul is a game changer

Melinda Janicki - Digital, Sales & eCommerce Expert Staten Island, New York

Paul lifted up my mindset and self-value. He motivated me to think about some things in a different way. He is a very good listener and solution provider! My every recommendation!

Emilia Sklabinsky - Investor and Consultant | Database Assistant Serbia

Paul is a dynamic positive force in the world of coaching and communications. He is extremely motivational, and he brings a unique perspective to the approach to building your business. Paul is very authentic and highly skilled in his areas of expertise. He is also a joy to work with!

Katherine Glass - Psychic, Channel for Spirit, Healer, Educator at Healing Essence Center Concord, Massachusetts

In the world of coaching it can be difficult for a client to find the right coach for their business. My advice would be look at the skill set of your coach – arrange a scoping call and after the initial session ask yourself ‘Did I get pushed to a new mindset level?’ This happened on my first call with Paul from Accolade. Paul is certainly not your typical run of the mill business coach, he is adept at delving into your business foundations and understanding what your vision is and how that aligns with the vision for your life.

Jennifer Knight - Experienced Operations & Business Performance Consultant London

Paul has invaluable knowledge and wisdom in regard of leadership and business building . His lessons were one’s you can carry with you throughout your life . His passion for helping others is unmatched and truly inspiring.

Ihssen Badr - Expert Of Education Culture - Architect of Entrepreneurial Performance Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Paul is an absolutely amazing business coach. He has the ability to immediately perceive his mentees mind-set. This is essential if we are talking about Emotional Intelligence. Beyond his fantastic skill at hitting the point for improvement by his client, and his ability to draw that route, his giving and generosity are incredible. In all my work with Paul he would never clock watch and gave more than needed to. Paul worked with me through very difficult times and has been a fantastic guide and support. Without hesitation I would recommend Paul

Kim J Boland - Director at Making Waves Consulting Ltd United Kingdom

Paul is an inspiration and a breath of fresh air! He promotes self-belief and changing the mind-set to help us achieve our dreams. He is an excellent public speaker and will definitely get the crowd uplifted.

Emily Wood - Development Bank of Wales United Kingdom

Always having good answers to business questions and in particular - self promotion. Paul is always full of enthusiasm and ideas, and his energy is contagious and enthralling! He always puts a smile on my face whenever I see him !

Gavin Dando - Freelance Photography Cardiff, United Kingdom

Paul Rees is an extraordinary coach I’ve never come across someone with the level of commitment and dedication he gives as a coach. I wanted to grow my business Paul’s knowledge and experience gave me so much clarity and help me build a strategy that wasn’t going to last a year or two but one that I could expand and grow to such heights I never dreamed of. If you own a business and feel you want it to work for you and not you work for it then Paul Rees is the person you need to speak with.

Louise Lally – Ireland Professional Retail Coaching

September 1, 2021

After an extended career in K-12 education, and an extensive vetting process, Paul Rees of Accolade Academy and I decided to partner in my journey to clarify my direction and to realize my career goals. Through much introspection and the insightful nature of Mr. Rees, tough decisions were made, and positive changes began to happen -- first, in my current work place. I found that my colleagues and superiors responded to the changes in me in a positive way and even asked if I had plans for bigger and better things. And their hunch was right, within 6 months of the program, I landed a coveted position within my field and began to leverage my potential to do more. That is when Paul asked that I partner with Accolade to expand the company's reach into higher education, and rather than only work with individuals - team building was of great importance. It was a natural progression that led to years of growth afforded not only to myself, but to districts both public and private. Now, in this time of virtual learning, and with a program that was built to run online, I feel it is Paul Rees and Accolade's time to shine. Paul's professionalism and zeal for life only emphasize what happens when you connect with Accolade.

Jennifer Skowron – USA Professional Project & Product Manager

February 24, 2021

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Paul is an established business performance expert and soft skills coach, with over eighteen years of experience. His client portfolio reaches into the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe. He is also a Radio and Television Presenter specialising in the subject matter of business and human performance, author, and CEO of Paul Rees Business Coaching and Accolade Executive Business Coaching. Paul’s specialty is his unique, widely successful style of working with scale orientated Entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate leaders and executive teams.

Paul also has published article writing that has received recognition all over the world, influencing a change and understanding of the importance of individual and team peak performance business lifestyle, accountability, attitude, and soft skills in the workplace.

Paul's keynote speaking career has spanned eighteen years and reached audiences throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, and UK.  

His expertise and coaching serve the banking industry, manufacturing, service, and distribution clients all over the world. His business performance and business leadership soft skills formulas have been responsible for massive leaps in organic business owner and leadership performance in the work environment, as well as permanent advancements in productive mindset and person to people working attitude

His unique approach to soft skills coaching is seeing his client’s businesses leap forward in people's sustainability and invested attitudes to career and business growth, and in many cases has seen a 50% increase in efficiency to allocated working hours for effective KPI’s and CTA’s
Paul provides a wide portfolio of formulas, which allow him to tailor his services to meet a diverse range of client’s/company’s needs. He offers individual one to one coaching, one off courses/workshops or on-going programmes tailor made to meet the training requirements of the individual, small, medium, or large organisations. Helping clients to maintain all business demands, work goals and long-term business plans.

All training packages are built to travel and are fully remote and live with your coach via video platform.
Paul says: “We take pride in the excellent client service we offer and the support we provide to each, and every client. We seek to establish valued long-term relationships with all our partners”.

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