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New & Exclusive to Accolade Executive Business Coaching


Micro Power Sessions are designed to work to your unique strengths, eliminate weaknesses, grow your abilities in the areas you wish to work and most importantly bring you to your most powerful positive confident self – clean thinking for greater corporate wisdom.

Our unique Power Micro Programmes includes the following

Singular one hour power self-investment appointments for the busy but yet invested minded entrepreneur. Your high performance think tank hour is the perfect “think, prepare and activate” filter to maintaining focus and high quality professional business wisdom to your working week - £150 GBP

Four one hour “power coaching” programme – designed to inject a quick return of confidence and return of business momentum, focusing on a singular alpha specific module and area of your business/career – £520 GBP

Eight one hour “longevity in career and profits back to business” coaching programme – designed to focus on several pre-selected areas of your business/career, and introduce a micro intense rebuild to each of the selected areas that will increase your invested value, talent, skill and above all professional work place self-worth for a greater platform to attract profiting success and continued financial growth - £1,050 GBP

Our custom built “proven” power coaching programmes will for you productively help:

  • To recognise and adopt the awareness tools to confidently recognise and eliminate the background workplace stress from all management level and increase the workplace personal and social awareness for improved overall employer to employee confidence and productivity
  • Successfully coach the non-productive personality to re-establish productive responsibilities and team drive
  • Detect and remove low productivity and fluctuation due to staffing low emotional workplace values
  • Recognise and implement emotional company influencing skills that will reduce negative time lost through defective managerial duties during any work day
  • Promote a better emotional high performance work place
  • Coach leadership level to understand and adopt an emotional infrastructure and emotional transparency that will increase the natural influencing skills necessary to guarantee productivity, that in return increases productivity from less emotional effort
  • Set in place the correct long-term foundations for a leadership “High performance think tank” for individual or collective leading personnel
  • Introduce the importance of “High performance thinking” so to decrease your emotional burn out and procrastinating dips in your day

And above all dramatically increase your organic influencing skills necessary to guarantee productivity and profits



Coach Yourself To Succcess - Permanently

Accolade Academy’s coaching articles are written by professional business and life coach Paul Rees. His unique style of writing has made publications all over the world, influencing a change and understanding to the emotional intelligence and growth of thousands globally.

Through Accolade Academy Paul has in place six month professional business and life coaching programmes. He has coached many of the most successful recognised entrepreneurs internationally. Paul believes success is common in us all and carries the same potential for all, so let Paul show you your potential through is effective and result creating methods. Be the best! Be successful!

His life changing articles are free to you with the only cost being your time read them, and then self invest to a permanently successful life. Click through to read Paul's free articles



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“Paul’s Weekly radio show – Create your high performance thinking through Business Health and Emotional Wealth – The Easy Way!!

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