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Accolade Academy Emotional-Corporate-Training specialises in professional training/coaching that is specifically for the professional workplace, entrepreneur and business minded person. The/your workplace self-worth and the importance of every employee to employer and employer to employee is vital for best workplace profitability and the sustainable long term quality of the company product and future. We can guarantee to have this in place through our coaching programmes within your business, career or employed place of work, and within all levels of employee roles, from executive to the grass root importance on the shop floor. 

Our coaching programme is unique to Accolade Academy and is not provided by any other, it’s completely self-built from twelve years of international coaching entrepreneurial clients and corporate businesses all over the USA, Canada, UK and various parts of Europe. Our programmes cover all the basics from stress, motivational skills, and employer and employee relationship, but none of these trained basics have any matter without a workplace self-worth both ways from management to workforce and vice versa in place. The new currency in any successful business is the aged old king of all results “Workplace Emotional Intelligence” and that’s who we are and what we coach daily globally, the importance of workplace personal and social awareness including personal and social emotional managing skills will provide you and your business an in house currency that will supersede the value of your competition worldwide. Our coaching has been and is instrumental to the continued success of many of the world’s recognised businesses and can offer you this new concept and unique format of coaching.

We are an international business, perfect for your convenience and reliability.

Our EETA business success coaching programmes will:     

  • To recognise and adopt the awareness tools to confidently recognise and eliminate the background workplace stress from all management level and increase workplace personal and social awareness for improved overall employer to employee confidence and productivity.
  • Successfully coach the none productive personality to re-establish productive responsibilities and team drive.
  • Detect and remove low productivity and fluctuations due to staffing low emotional workplace values.
  • Recognise and implement emotional company influencing skills that will reduce negative time lost in effective managerial duties during any work day.
  • Condense the importance of “objective outlook” so to decrease staff burn out and turnover.
  • Promote a better individual/team emotional high performance work place.
  • Coach leadership level to understand and adopt an emotional infrastructure and emotional transparency that will increase the natural influencing skills necessary to guarantee productivity, that in return increasing productivity from less emotional effort.
  • Set in place the correct long-term foundations  for a leadership  “High performance think tank” for individual or collective leading personnel. 

Our coaching and concept is very successful and growing incredibly fast with new clients and business’s registering to our programmes weekly, and with the correct committed client we will lock down its exclusivity to that area geographically. If we can arrange just one hour of your time at your location or via Skype I can bring to you our information and coaching material that will help with your research and decision. Thank you so much for your time:

Executive Business Coach and founder of Accolade Academy - Paul Rees


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“Paul’s Weekly radio show – Create your high performance thinking through Business Health and Emotional Wealth – The Easy Way!!

Accolade Academy Emotional Corporate Training contact details:
Accolade Skype address: accoladeacademy
Accolade UK office: 0844 844 4404
Accolade UK mobile: 07403 787 454

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Accolade UK office:
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UK Health Radio prees

“Paul’s Weekly radio show – Create your high performance thinking through Business Health and Emotional Wealth – The Easy Way!!

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